• In this Private and FREE COVID19 Survival Coaching Session, we’ll work together for 30 minutes to help you create your personalised COVID19 Survival Plan
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Here's what you'll get:

1. Your 'Major Definite Purpose'

What do you want to achieve as an outcome of the situation?  Where do you want to be when the crisis is over? We’ll start the call by identifying your major goals and objectives, and work on dealing with the obstacles that might prevent you from getting there.

2. Your COVID19 Survival Plan

Do you know the ‘5 Steps’ designed to help you make it through the crisis with your business intact?  In the second part of this call, we’ll teach you the model designed to help you work on what matters most at the right time..

3. Your Personalised Priority List

Finally, you need a set path moving forward.  The final outcome of this call is to set you up with a personalised priority list, so that you can stick to a plan designed to help you survive and come through intact and ready to thrive when the dust settles.